Working parents need their employers support

Working parents have been stretched out thin during the pandemic. And although the world is re-opening, the work-life borders have been shattered over the past year, making it a necessity for a newfound balance between the work and family environment.


of Working Parents with children under 10 are considering leaving the workforce or considering downshifting their career


of Working Parents Experience Burnout


of Millennials say they would leave a job if an employer did not offer adequate family benefits

Supporting employees’ well-being is key… Today more than ever!

Let’s Create a Positive cycle!

When employees feel like they can bring their whole selves to work, they are

  • Happier in their job
  • More optimistic about their company’s commitment to gender equality
  • Less likely to consider downshifting their role or leaving the workforce

Our experts are here to help you help your employees

Catalog of Panels

Each Panel is available live and can be recorded. They are all available in one time 2 hours or 3 times 50 minutes – including Q&A. Starting at $3000 per panel.

Mental & Physical Health After the Pandemic

  • Stress cycle: what it is and how to break it. Dr. Mathilde Cerioli, Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Nurturing our minds and hearts after extreme times. Dr Maria Jose Perry, Clinical Psychologist
  • 6 Concrete steps to prioriting our wellness, Shannon Shearn, Health & Fitness Specialist
  • Emotional Functional & trauma resolution. Cedric Bertelli, Trainer in Emotional Resolution

Getting Work Done

  • How management style and parenting styles relate and how to ‘flip the script’ at home and at work. Dr. Molly O’Shea, M.D. Pediatrician
  • Block frustration and find accomplishment with a simple approach. Erika Friday, System Specialist
  • Keeping your children engaged whiel you work, Elaine Chung, Play & Personality Expert

Family Life

  • Getting everyone on the same page and fostering connexion. Aki Raymer, M.A. in Early Childhood Education
  • Getting children of all age to do more around the house, Amanda Hyer, M.A. in Early Childhood Education
  • Fostering Children independence, Dr Molly O’Shea, MD. Pediatrician
  • Mindful tips for children & parents: Breathing techniques & yoga poses to calm down for the whole family. Alexandra Rossi. Mindfulness & Yoga Educator

The Power of Play

  • How Play develop Cognition and Emotional Intelligence.  Dr. Mathilde Cerioli, Ph.D Neuroscience
  • The child’s personality is shining through his Play Style. Elaine Chung, Play & Personality Expert.
  • Using digital games to educate. TBC

Positive Parenting

  • The Neuroscience of Positive Discipline. Mathilde Cerioli, Ph.D Neuroscience
  • Practical tools to make your parenting easier. Aki Raymer, M.A. in Early Childhood Education
  • Raising confident kids and fostering independence, Dr Molly O’Shea, MD. Pediatrician

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