Deluxe Learning Kit – 3+


Age: 3 – 6 years old

What is it?

  • With the magic of digital and the beauty of wooden toys.
  • Marbotic turns screentime into active learning time.
  • Inspired by Montessori, Marbotic lets the kids learn by doing, manipulating, experimenting.

How it works?

  • The “upper case letters” and “numbers” are wooden pieces.
  • Download the free app on your tablet.
  • And you are all set to learn with fun!

What do I get?

  • 26 interactive wooden letters and 10 wooden Numbers
  • A wooden box
  • 8 educational apps, in 8 languages.

Compatible with iPads and most of Samsung tablets. Tablet not included.

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What the experts say:

Learning new skills at a young age requires that children be motivated, while being cognitively and physically engaged with their environment. In that way, Marbotic games use the best of what technology has to offer to young children, by providing nice and colorful wooden shape that children can manipulate while using a fun and interactive space to do it. I particularly love that their games have an open-play approach, without the stress of a timer or different levels to reach, making them ecological. They also are highly motivational – what kid now doesn’t want to play on the tablet? – while representing a great educational option for young children.

All screen-based activities for young children are not created equal, and Marbotic games are the type of toys that I would recommend to parents. Marbotic has kept developing new apps to allow for more learning while still using the same wooden toys, making it a toy that has a better longevity.

Mathilde Cerioli

PhD Neuroscience & Mother

Marbotic’s products combine new technologies and traditional hands on activities. The child is always active in front of the tablet.
One of the important point of these applications is that you can change languages. For bilingual school it allows English and French teachers of to use the same application, the same material. Children compare what they have learned in one language or the other.
Students are motivated by attractive and easy to use applications, the material is beautiful, robust and practical.
As a teacher I appreciate that marbotic’ s apps do not have useless and tiring music. Visually the child is not over stimulated, he only sees what he needs to achieve the desired goal.
Pre reading / reading app:
These applications work on vocabulary, phonological awareness and letter knowledge.
It can be used in groups ( with a smart board) but one of the advantages in my opinion is that the student can reinforce his knowledge by working independently, with  headphone. He hears the same words, the same sounds several times and has to choose the requested letter. Auditory reinforcement combining with  the manipulation of letters is one of the great assets of this material.
Math applications: 
This material can be used collectively (with a smart board) and individually, when discovering a new concept or to reinforce knowledge.
These applications are influenced by the Montessori method (bar from 1 to 10) but you do not have to use the Montessori material in class. The child quickly makes the parallel between the bar of 10 or the 10 frame. Another way to approach the dozen.
Again I like the auditory side a lot, the child hears several times the name of the numbers, and while playing he memorizes the name of the number and its composition.
Addition and subtraction apps allows to reinforce and to practice this concept. The quantities can be parameters according to the level of the student.
Estelle Sabart

K Teacher & Mother

We’ve incorporated the Marbotic letters and numbers + app into our homeschool curriculum for the past several months. Where most apps rely on children interacting with only a screen, Marbotic includes the tactile addition of physical numbers and letters placed on the screen. This game is a great way to introduce early math and literacy concepts, and it’s even more fun to use the app in a foreign language!

Christina Bellino Sullivan

Educator, Homeschool mom & Director of a homeschool co-op

I had the chance to give a try to MARBOTIC.
Wood letters and wood numbers + screen App can actually be a good combo. My 4 years old daughter who shows a lot of interest into learnings was happy to manipulate the letters and the numbers.
I really liked the size of the letters and numbers : it is big enough to be manipulated easily by a kid. And all the letters and numbers are clear enough to be recognized easily.
Regarding the screen app, I think MARBOTIC has a good model with “infinite games” because it avoids addiction. Kids don’t get any rewards to finish a level ; they decide when they want to stop or if they want to continue.
For a child who wants to learn and recognize letter sounds and/or wants to start counting, MARBOTIC can be a good 1st approach

Camille Trou

French Orthophoniste

We are usually not big fans of games on tablets. But Marbotic is not “just” a game. It’s an amazing tool to help the kids improve their skills to read and count! The quality of the products, of the apps, of the content are very high. It helps ours preschool-kindergartener to recognize the letters, numbers, the sounds…. and as soon as our 2nd grade practiced a lot in english, now she is learning how to read and write in french!


Mother and Founder of Little Dragon