Linear Wall Calendar – Printable


Does your child want to know how many days left untill his birthday or untill Halloween?
Do you want to teach to your kids the concept of time: days, weeks, months, seasons, year??

What it is?
The Little Dragon wall linear calendar allows children to visualize time and what days, weeks, months, and even what a year represent. Families can use it to mark down important dates, such as birthdays, travels, first day of school, etc.

To use it at home, you just have to print it and assemble it with your children! You can then add the stickers to represent birthdays, travels, holidays and even add your own. You can use a paper clip to indicate what day you are and move it everyday as part of your routine.

What you need : Paper (preferably cardboard), Printer, tape, glue and paperclip.

Please note this item is to download and print only. 

The science behind, explained by Mathilde Cerioli, Neuroscience Ph.D:

The concept of time and its perception is very abstract and is a notion that builds up slowly by experiencing it. Studies show that even infants have a concept of time through repetition of patterns they learn early on. Babies and young toddlers’ understanding of time develops through routines, they expect milk, bath and snuggle before bedtime. This is why, the first step we can take as parents to help our children understand that abstract concept is through consistent daily routine.

Preschoolers’ understanding of time often appears funny to adults and it is common to hear children say something like « yesterday Santa brought me presents for Christmas », while we are already in March or tell us « Tomorrow for my birthday we will eat cake », when their next candles are still weeks away! It actually shows this child now has somewhat an idea of the concept of past and future in relation to the present. What we can do as a parent is just rephrase it « yes you had presents a few months back from Santa », although they will integrate those concept tomorrow according to them 😉, but only in a couple of years according to calendars! 🗓

Between 5 and 6 years old, children learn that events occur at a defined time each day and week, then progressively each year. This is a great time to introduce the Little Dragon Linear Wall Calendar to help our children develop a deeper understanding. Indeed, it allows children to represent time, which is highly abstract through a very concrete medium with a spatial representation. It helps represent present, past and future and see how they relate to one another.