Personalized Magazine by Canoli Kids – 3+


Beautifully designed soft cover kids’ book series which characters can be personalized to look like the little ones you are creating the book for. Choose age, hair style, skin and eye color and your character is ready to explore the world, learn about eclipses and discover the bottom of the ocean.


Canoli kids offers parents a fun and unique opportunity to get their children excited about reading! Now parents can insert their child and perhaps their child’s best friend into a new story each month. In general, children not only find being read to fun but their reading levels actually improve.  They begin to hear vocabulary they have never heard before, see what words look like, follow along with the story and may soon begin reading the story to you. With Canoli kids, the stories are personalized making reading together more special than ever before. There is no doubt kids will love to hear and read about themselves in the stories, eager to listen to their new adventures month after month. 


Speech Specialist and mum

As a teacher, I insist on the pleasure of reading and the importance of offering rich and adapted literature. I recommend, of course, to borrow books regularly from libraries but also to offer subscriptions to their child. Canolikids is one of those easy, affordable and above all educational gifts that parents and teachers love! Each month the child receives a documentary magazine. The adult can read it to or with his child.The sentences and vocabulary are rich, varied and adapted to young audiences. The themes address answers to children’s questions about the nature. They also address themes such as respect, empathy…. The expressive illustrations help the beginner reader to understand and remember vocabulary. Moreover, these magazines are personalized, the child takes it over even faster because he is the hero of the story. He wants to read and reread the same magazine and wait for the next one. Canolikids magazine offers the pleasure of reading as well of the pleasure of learning new things.

Estelle Sabart


Canolikids is awesome! I loved the process of creating little characters for the children that I was gifting the magazine to, and the kids loved seeing themselves as the main character in the books! Each story is beautifully illustrated and told, with positive messages and lots of educational content introduced in an engaging and fun way. I also love that these books grow with kids. Little kids can simply look at the pictures and have the story read to them while older kids and caregivers will enjoy the “A moment to reflect” feature that offers suggestions for exploring the topic further. If you want a screen-free, connection boosting activity I highly recommend Canolikids!

Aki Raymer

MA, Early Childhood & Family Specialist