POD K-1st Deluxe


Grade K – 1st grade / Age: 5 – 7 years old

What is it?

This bundle of Toys and Printable is our “Essential” for K and 1st grade. Children will develop their cognition and age appropriate skills such as: reading, numeracy, memorization, strategy, imagination, tracing and writing, categorization… This bundle contains a lot of work and play able to be done independently by children and games to play with you or other children!

This bundle contains:

  • Smart Letters – lower case ($59.99)
  • Smart Numbers ($39.99)
  • Super Genius Addition ($12.99)
  • Super Genius First Words ($12.99)
  • My Fabulous Storyteller ($79.90)
  • Rally Up ($13.99)


  • Sight Words Workbook ($5.5 value – 59 pages)
  • Memory game of Emotions ($3 value)
  • Letters, Numbers, Shapes Workbook ($7 value – 90 pages)
  • Linear Wall Calendar ($7 value)
  • Free shipping


More details about what the bundle contains:

Smart Letters – lower case & Smart Numbers, With the magic of digital and the beauty of wooden toys. Marbotic turns screentime into active learning time. Inspired by Montessori, Marbotic lets the kids learn by doing, manipulating, experimenting. The 26 interactive “upper case letters” and 10 “numbers” are wooden pieces. Download the 7 free educational app on your tablet and you are all set to learn! (Compatible with iPads and most of Samsung tablets. Tablet not included.)

Children will work independently on: Reading (letters recognition, phonics, sounds…), Math (numbers recognition, enumeration, counting…), Focus & Attention. 

Gobblet Gobblers, It’s a Tic-Tac-Toe style game: Just line up three of your Gobblers in a row to win. But watch out! These Gobblers are hungry for fun…and other Gobblers. Gobblet Gobblers is the best first strategy game for kids to challenge their parents.

Children will develop: Strategy, Memorization, Analysis, Abstract thinking

Super Genius Addition, This addition matching game focuses on building Addition skills, teaching beginners the early fundamentals of math, while building and enhancing skills for more advanced students. Find the pair between an equation and its sum, two equations or two sums. Children can also work with the game independently.

Children will develop: Math, Focus & attention, Processing speed

Super Genius First Words, This reading matching game focuses on closed syllable and short vowel words and helps prepare early readers for more complicated language skills to come. There is always a match between any two cards. Find the pair between a word and its image, two images or two words.

Children will develop: Speech & Language, Focus & attention, Processing speed

My Fabulous Storyteller, It is a “choose-your-own-adventure” AUDIO storyteller, with no screen, no emissions. The children are able to create their own stories while choosing a hero, a setting, a companion and an object to interact with.
It comes with 48 originals stories in English.
Then, you can download more stories online in 6 langagues (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch), 30 min for free, and even more to download!

Children will develop: Imagination, Vocabulary, Languages

Rally Up, Players will find themselves in a hullabaloo and will race to rally up 2 or more images belonging to the same family! Scan swiftly through the craziness to get these thingies back to where they belong!

Children will develop: Categorization, Vocabulary, Focus & attention

FREE BONUS included in this bundle: 

Sight Words Printable, (59 pages, $5.5 value). This printable contains 220 flash cards of the Dolch’s list of Sight words organized by difficulty level –  8 Have-Fun-Learning Activity Cards – 17 pages of Coloring, Bingo, Memory and Word Search Games – 2 pages of Information for Parents. Children will love to play and have fun while learning. Some activities necessitate movement which will help children in their learning. You will learn from a PhD in Neuroscience how we learn to read and why Sights Words is a great exercice to improve children reading skills. You will receive many ideas to practice the sight words with your child through different activities.

Children will improve: Reading, Visual perception, Finger and Hand Strength.

Memory game of Emotions ($3 value) It’s a memory game of 20 cards with 20 different emotions. You also can use it as a poster in a visible place to help your child express their feelings and emotions.

Children will learn: the diversity of the emotions and the body language they usually go with. Being able to name their emotions can help children understand their big feelings better.

Printable with Letters, Numbers and Shapes  (90 pages, $7 value). This printable contains the Letters, Numbers and Shapes workbooks with tracing and learning activities. Children will be able to work independently while doing their worksheet. Children can start working on it at about 3 years old up to the end of 1st grade, so they can refine their fine motor skills. This item is a digital file for you to download and print.

Children will improve: Finger and Hand Strength, Hand-eye coordination, Visual perception, Vocabulary, Phonemic awareness, Counting, Developing a representation of quantities. 

Linear Wall Calendar  ($7 value). The Fly Little Dragon Wall Linear calendar allows children to visualize time and what days, weeks, months and even what a year represent. It’s a great family or classroom planner, indicate birthdays, trips and special event!

Children will develop: a representation of time through a physical representation.

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What the experts say:

SMART LETTERS AND SMART NUMBERS MARBOTIC: We’ve incorporated the Marbotic letters and numbers + app into our homeschool curriculum for the past several months. Where most apps rely on children interacting with only a screen, Marbotic includes the tactile addition of physical numbers and letters placed on the screen. This game is a great way to introduce early math and literacy concepts, and it’s even more fun to use the app in a foreign language!

Christina Bellino Sullivan

Educator, Homeschool mom & Director of a homeschool co-op

GOBBLET GOBBLERS,This popular game brings a competitive edge to the classic Tic-Tac-Toe, engaging your child in a developmentally appropriate sense-of-self while integrating complex brain networks involved in working memory, planning, and visual perception. By engaging the brain’s prefrontal and premotor cortices, this game may contribute to executive functioning, attention & focus, behavioral inhibition, imitation, and social skills such as empathy and emotional regulation. 

Matthew Fishleder

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

SUPER GENIUS ADDITION, As a teacher I always recommend to the parents to work a little bite every day. Mental calculating need to be practice every days and Super Genius addition is the perfect fun games for that !
Memory works better when we have fun and laugh, this cards game will help all the family to practice addition.
In class you can use it in group with or without the teacher.