POD PK Essential


Grade PK / Age: 3 – 4 years old

What is it?

This bundle of Toys and Printable is our “Essential” for PK children to develop their cognition and age appropriate skills such as: reading, numeracy, tracing and writing, cooperation, memorization, fine motor skills, creativity… This bundle contains a lot of work and play able to be done independently by children.

This bundle contains:

  • Smart Bundle Marbotic with Letters and Numbers, ($89.9)
  • Where’s Mr Wolf, ($19.99)
  • Sensory Bin – Coral Relief, ($40)
  • BONUS FREE – INCLUDED: Printable with Letters, Numbers and Shapes (90 pages, $7 value)
  • Free shipping


Smart Bundle Marbotic with Letters and Numbers, With the magic of digital and the beauty of wooden toys. Marbotic turns screentime into active learning time. Inspired by Montessori, Marbotic lets the kids learn by doing, manipulating, experimenting. The 26 interactive “upper case letters” and 10 “numbers” are wooden pieces. Download the 7 free educational app on your tablet and you are all set to learn! (Compatible with iPads and most of Samsung tablets. Tablet not included.)

Children will work independently on: Reading (letters recognition, phonics, sounds…), Math (numbers recognition, enumeration, counting…), Focus & Attention. 

Where’s Mr Wolf, In this cooperative memory game, everyone works together to help all the farm animals get back to their barns before Mr. Wolf arrives… but where is he? Bring all the animals to safety before Mr. Wolf comes around! Around 4 or 5 years old, children can also play the game independently.

Children will develop: Cooperation, Memory & Social Play.

Sensory Bin – Coral Relief, Sensory bins are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning for hours on end! This Coral Reef Sensory Bin includes blue waterbeads (3 uses of 15g each, reusable and biodegradable), themed toys and props, and 2 fine motor tools. Your child will love squishing and scooping these slippery waterbeads that’s just incredible to feel, and you can add your own toys to extend the learning and play! For ages 3+ due to choking hazards. Exact contents may differ from above photo. The plastic bin is not included. You can use any bin at home! (shoes box, bowl…)

Children will develop: Creativity, Dramatic Play, Fine Motor Development, Cognition skills… 

BONUS – FREE included in this bundle: 

Printable with Letters, Numbers and Shapes, (90 pages, $7 value). This printable contains the Letters, Numbers and Shapes workbooks with tracing and learning activities. Children will be able to work independently while doing their worksheet. Children can start working on it at about 3 years old up to the end of K, so they can refine their fine motor skills. This item is a digital file for you to download and print.

Children will improve: Finger and Hand Strength, Hand-eye coordination, Visual perception, Vocabulary, Phonemic awareness, Counting, Developing a representation of quantities.


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What the experts say:

SMART KIT MARBOTIC: We’ve incorporated the Marbotic letters and numbers + app into our homeschool curriculum for the past several months. Where most apps rely on children interacting with only a screen, Marbotic includes the tactile addition of physical numbers and letters placed on the screen. This game is a great way to introduce early math and literacy concepts, and it’s even more fun to use the app in a foreign language!

Christina Bellino Sullivan

Educator, Homeschool mom & Director of a homeschool co-op

Playing WHERE’S MR WOLF game with my students was entertaining and a great game for my preschool class! For this game, I had the children play in a small group of three. I gave each student a specific job, especially the younger ones so they can learn to focus on one thing. For instance, I told one student to pay attention to which animals enter the barn. And, for the other two students, I told them to help each other remember where they put Mr. Wolf down on the board. By allocating a special job to each student, they appeared more focused and helpful with each other given the mixed age of the group.

This game is definitely a must have in the classroom, especially for PreK. I saw first hand the way Where’s Mr Wolf game teaches young children to develop good memory skills, collaboration, and build trust with their peers.

Natalie Aguilar-Picazo, M.Ed.

Founder/Director/ PK Teacher of Star City Montessori

SENSORY BIN CORAL RELIEF: I learned how much Sensory bins are beneficial for children… and what I LOVE as a mom, is that my daughters can play for HOURS with! At 3 and 6 years old, they are engaged with actions such as pinching, pouring and scooping, so good for their fine motors skills! They create and tell stories and play alone or together. That said, the best part might be when the nice sensation of the waterbeads helps them to calm down!! 


Mom and Founder of Fly Little Dragon

Playing with my children (2,5 yrs and 4,5 yrs) really allows me to observe them from an equal position, not a parent, and see the real person they are as well as so many fantastic insights!
One great revelation has been that my 4,5 yrs loves to play WHERE IS MR WOLF by herself. It gives her a new sense of independence and is a great peaceful activity before going to bed.


Mom & Fly Little Dragon Advisor