About us

We are a community of child-development experts and parents

Our mission

We want to empower parents to give their children the best start in life.

We are a space where experts and parents can connect, exchange and learn together. 


We get it, this parenting thing is hard! 

As moms of 3 each, we’ve had our fair share of struggles (and still do!). When we became friends, we realized we were not alone at sea, but all in the same boat!

So we created Fly Little Dragon, to connect parents to experts who could support us, and help us grow (and survive!!). 


We believe that every child deserves to play, learn and fly.

We believe that every parent deserves to enjoy parenting with a little bit of magic

Why “Fly little dragon”?

A dragon is a legendary animal that stimulates the imagination, a key childhood skill.

But let’s be honest, our kids might be dragons themselves sometimes. 😉 Even so, in any situation, with some magic, we love them so much !!

Learn from experts and parents!

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