About us

We are a community of parent-child development experts’, who are passionate about education through play.

Our mission

We are a community of parents and child-development experts who want to share tips, tools and toys that will allow us to spend more quality time with our children while enabling them to play, learn and fly.


As a mother, I want the best for my children’s development: I want to maximize their well-being and enable their Learning while still having fun with them.
As a mother, I have difficult days: when the mix of uncontrolled meltdowns and tiredness strikes, I need help to guide my children.
As a mother, I have discovered that not all kids’ stuff is created equal: some children’s toys and games are quickly forgotten, while others can help my kids LEARN and GROW while enabling me to truly enjoy parenting.
As an entrepreneur, I want Little Dragon to connect parents and caregivers and build a community of people to share TIPS, TOOLS, TOYS to enable us to maximize our children’s development: connecting the best products and the best advice with the people who need them/it.
As Little Dragon, we are passionate about providing the best for our children while fully enjoying parenting.


We believe that every child deserves to play, learn and fly.

We believe that every parent deserves to enjoy parenting with a little bit of magic

Why “little dragon”?

A dragon is a legendary animal that stimulates the imagination, a key childhood skill.

But let’s be honest, our kids might be dragons themselves sometimes. 😉 Even so, in any situation, with some magic, we love them so much !!

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