Unstuckifier – mini course



Intended audience

Busy parents who are tired of losing it and want to do better and feel better.

What is it?
At its simplest, the Unstuckifier is a customizable activity menu, for moms. In practice it’s a way to circumvent feelings of overwhelm, stress, and agitation. It lets you do some thinking in advance, when you’re feeling clear headed, so in the moment you can easily take actions that will serve your greatest good.

Why is it great for parents? 
Did you know that how we act influences the way we feel much more than the way we feel influences the way we act? It’s not so much “fake it till you make it,” but rather “give yourself a chance to feel good.” (You’ll learn more about this and the data behind it.)

What’s included:

  • Life-time access to self-paced mini-course
  • Video and text formats to meet your learning style
  • Complete ebook and modular pages for journaling and customization
  • PDFs with filable forms allowing you to easily customize before or after you print


What you need:

  • You can customize your Unstuckifier on your computer and then print, or print first and customize by hand
  • Not a paper person? You can customize it and refer to it on your device



  • Values-driven behavior
  • Positive role-modeling
  • Embodiment

Please note this item is a digital file. You will not receive a hard copy.

Taking a deep breath, owning the reality of it, and finding a way around it was really the most powerful thing that you gave me.


Mom of 1, San Francisco, CA