Amanda Hyer, M.Ed.

M. Ed. (Master of Education), Founder of Kitchen Sink Parenting

“I am a child development specialist, education entrepreneur, and school administrator with 25 years experience in Education. I creates strategies, tools, and programs that empower adults to create interactions and environments that encourage children to be curious, compassionate and capable.”

Amanda Hyer – Positive Discipline & Montessori Specialist

“I work with parents and teachers to find their own voice while working with children, with the goal of creating an atmosphere of creativity, confidence and collaboration within the family or classroom community.

I start by listening to what you love about your child/ren, what is your favorite time of day. Then, what do you wish was different? From there we start to build strategies and environments that can radically change both behaviors and relationships within the family and classroom community based on your expressed needs.

I have deep empathy for family challenges and messy dynamics.  Helping empower adults to be their best self with their children is my superpower.”



  • Tantrums
  • Toilet Independence
  • Setting up environments for independence
  • Helping families live less conflict and more collaboration
  • Supporting Montessori families at home
  • Positive Discipline Strategies

Personal Consultation

For families, one on one consultation:

$150/ hour: includes 15-minute introductory conversation, in-person conversation covering top two concerns, and follow up email with additional resources, summary, and strategies. This is most effective if your team of humans can attend: all involved parents, as well as in-home caregivers.

For Schools consultation:

$200/hour: includes 3o minute observation and 30-minute conversation and follow up email with resources, summary, and strategies.

For School / Companies workshops:

$500/presentation (1.5 hour presentation/30 min q/a): Tantrums, Emotions, Toilet Independence, Montessori In the Home, Transitions, Success with Siblings, Cooking with your child

Please contact her to discuss your specific needs.



Panel For Working Mom

In this panel, Amanda talks about:

Getting children of all age to do more around the house. Connecting your child’s developmental and emotional needs with your families need: meals, clean, laundry and swept floors. Chores at every age.


Positive Discipline workshop series: a 6-week workshop to radically increase your toolbox of successful behavior-changing strategies while understanding the root causes of the behavior and connecting more deeply to your child. $200/family with a minimum of 6 families.

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