Play is a wonderfully objective way to observe personality traits shine through, even before children can speak!

When you are wanting your kids to play longer, it’s good to know their play personality strengths. They tend to play longer in their sweet spot of play, and there are really just two factors to consider when you are trying to find that sweet spot: that child’s naturally desired physical energy requirement and the amount of guidance or goals they prefer. These two factors create 4 Play Personality Zones: (1) All Action, (2) Focused Energy, (3) Free Spirit and (4) Calm & Cool.

In this article you will find a short description to help you figure out your child’s personality, along with our best toys for each Play Style.

 All Action

Your all action child loves movement! They also thrive with more open play and enjoy the process versus a specifically defined goal. They will spend time playing with these toys because there is action and freedom to play in many ways! 

Focused Energy

Your child loves movement but also tends to like more guidance or goals, even if it’s about establishing goals themselves! They’ll enjoy these toys because of a bit more structure in that play.

Free Spirit

Your Free Spirit child thrives with open play but doesn’t necessarily require strong physical movement. They enjoy the movement and the flexibility to create. Your child will love these toys because it allows them to express and experience just that.

Calm & Cool

Your Calm & Cool child thrives enjoys goals and guidance, internally or even externally. They are quite comfortable with lower energy activity and even some quiet space. Your child will love toys in this zone because it allows them to play  in the Calm & Cool way that their personality is.

Elaine is a researcher of play & personality and the Founder of Heart of Play Kids.  

Elaine Chung

Researcher + Mother