Bill White

Bill White

Baby Sign Language Teacher, Author, Dad and Founder of Happy Baby Signs


Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language gives children the opportunity to communicate long before they can verbalize their wants and needs.

Research studies show that signing with babies accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration, enhances a child’s self-esteem, and deepens the bond between parent and child.


  • Baby Sign Language

Personal Consultation

Private Online Workshop for expectant parents and parents with babies ranging in age from birth to 18 months

  • $150/ 90 min. Introductory Workshop
  • $750 per 6-days Series 

If you have any questions to organize a private series, please contact Bill. 


Up Coming Workshops


Audience: expectant parents and parents with babies ranging in age from birth to 18 months.
Step 1 : Introductory Workshop – $45/ 90 min
Our online workshop introduces more than 20 signs that are based on American Sign Language (ASL).
You will learn about the latest research and all the tools to teach your baby to sign.
Fun activities and songs will show you how easy it can be to integrate simple signs into your everyday routine to jump-start your child’s verbal skills.
Step 2: Online Six-Day Series. $145/ series
The Introductory Workshop is followed by our Six-Day Series. Build your signing vocabulary with themes like mealtime signs, colors, animals, family, bedtime, and more! Eighteen sessions are split into three different six-day series named after the primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue. No need to take them in order. Just dive in and start learning now.
We sing songs, read and sign popular board books, like Brown Bear Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon, and share valuable tips to help your baby learn more than 100+ signs! Older siblings and even grandparents love the classes. It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with the extended family every week.
We divide up into smaller groups using Zoom breakout rooms. Families have the opportunity to socialize while having fun practicing their signs with interactive quizzes and games. You’re welcome to turn your own video off and simply watch and listen while you are nursing or cuddling your little one to sleep.
Three Different Series
It doesn’t matter which series you take first. You can also take just one. 

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