We had the chance to interview Dr Molly O’Shea M.D., an award winning Pediatrician, about Covid & Kids. 
Here are the highlights: 
– Children are less at risk of getting covid, and show fewer symptoms than adults.
– Children show symptoms that can be different than adults. 35% show runny nose, another 37% present with stomach ache or diarrhea, and will develop fever less than 20% of the time. To keep our communities safe, Dr Molly highly recommends to get your children tested if they show any of those symptoms, even if mild.
– Dr. Mike Anderson, a colleague of Dr Molly who is a member of the Biden Administration Disaster Planning group and reported that Covid vaccine should be available in the US for children under 12 years old by winter 2021.
– People who have had covid in the past still need to get the vaccine to strengthen their immune response. The immunity developed through having had covid is nowhere as effective as the one provided by getting the vaccine.
– By decreasing circulating illness through vaccination, variants will diminish too.
– Good news! Vaccine is incredibly effective. A new study just showed that people fully vaccinated are highly unlikely to get covid or pass it on to someone else.
– Children, because they are not vaccinated, still have to wear mask & socially distance, especially when inside.
– Adults fully vaccinated can have gatherings outside and inside without masks, BUT their children should still wear masks.
Recommendations about summer activities & Travel with kids:
– Swimming pools are a good place for children to have fun, covid does not spread through water, and it is easier to stay 4 feet appart.
– Kids mental health is important. If we live in an area with low spread of covid, Dr Molly recommends that children go to schools with masks on. If schools are open, that means it is safe to go!
– Playground: covid does not spread through touching surfaces, there is no need to disinfect all surfaces everywhere you go.
– Preventing covid while traveling by air = masks & washing hands are the most effective preventive steps you can take. There is no need to sanitize seats and tables.
Dr Molly finished this interview with a warm and important reminder:
We shouldn’t be judgmental if other parents don’t make the same choices as ours in term of covid prevention for their own children. We all want to protect our children, the best way we can. Covid already took us appart from each others. So let’s respect each others’ choices.