Elaine Chung

Play & Personality Expert, Founder of My Play Type 

Elaine Chung – Play & Personality Type

“I’m a play and personality consultant dedicated to empowering parents, educators and care providers to connect and thrive with their children through understanding their personality and play type.

Play styles are an indicator of personality traits in children. Observing children during play can help you see things through a new lens. It is a neutral and objective way to showcase and reveal personality traits, even before your child can communicate clearly, allowing parents to better understand and connect with their children and create environments for them to truly thrive.”



  • Play Type
  • Keep kids playing longer
  • Women at work 

Personal Consultation 

For parents and caregivers:

$125/ 45-minute phone or video consultation: You can contact this expert to learn more about your children and your personal play type and how to keep your kids playing longer. 

Workshops / Presentations for schools & Companies:

$695 / two hour presentation. This expert gives talks about Play Types & Personalities, How to keep children playing longer, Women at work. 

Please contact her to discuss your specific needs. 



Panel for Working Moms

In this panel, Elaine talks about:  

  • Keeping your children engaged while you work
  • Getting the support you need: Creating allyship for parents in the workplace.


Blog Posts

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