Molly O’Shea, M.D.

Pediatry + Parental Guidance

I’m Dr. Molly O’Shea, a board certified practicing pediatrician who has cared for thousands of children from birth through college. In addition to owning my own practice for over 30 years, I write for award-winning print, media, and medical journals. I also share my personal and professional experiences on stages locally and nationally as a keynote speaker, covering medical topics along with topics around the intersection of work and family life and parenting.

I’m passionate about helping parents raise confident, independent, and empathetic kids in an anxious age. I give real, raw, evidence based advice so parents can be less perfect, more HONEST.

My greatest joy? Seeing ‘AHA’ moments in parents, which changes the way they see their children and themselves and parent differently.


  • Raising confident kids,
  • Fostering independence,
  • Balancing work and home with less guilt,
  • Child/teen behavioral issues (tantrums, defiance, anger management, etc),
  • Raising LGBTQ+ children,
  • Raising special needs kids,
  • Teenage issues,
  • Child/teen/parent mental health issues,
  • Reducing stress at home,


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