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Panel For Working Mom – March 11th, 7-9PM PT

Online Programs

Practical Tools for Easier Parenting

  • 1 Video on the Neuroscience of Positive Discipline
  • 4 Videos with 12 practical tools to make your parenting easier
  • 1 Video Q&A from parents to help deal with common daily struggles
  • Digital workbook with summaries, additional examples and exercises (28 pages).
  • 2 Digital posters to give you visual reminder on what you learned
  • BONUS Cheat sheets to help you deal with common parenting struggles
  • Unlimited access to the videos and workbooks.

Personal Consultation

This expert gives talks on these different subjects. If you are a school or a company, please contact her to discuss your specific needs.

  • Effects of games on cognition
  • Stress & parenting: understanding and managing it
  • The developping brain and how to adapt our parenting strategies
  • Identifying and understanding learning disabilities ate home and in the classroom

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