Mathieu Penot

Mathieu Penot

Founder of Dowit, Stanford Graduate School of Education


Hands-on Activities – for children 4-8 years old

“I am passionate about creative learning and the potential of hands-on activities to nurture 21st century skills and character traits relevant to the future while having fun!”

Children need to interact with their environment, to learn from experiencing the world around them and understanding it.
Expanding school curriculum or simply providing fun and bonding experiences as a family, hands-on projects have a huge role to play in your child’s holistic development.


  • Hands-on Activities
  • Creativity
  • Online Birthday Animation

Personal Consultation

Online Workshop for children 4 to 8 years old  – Available in English and French

$150/ 1 hour online workshop:

  • Hands-on Activities, no prep needed. You will use the material you have at home.
  • For birthday: free 15 min call to meet and pick the activities in advance.


If you are interested, please contact Mathieu to discuss your specific needs.

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