Daily Work Schedule – Printable – 3+


What is it?
A Homeschool work organizer with your children to plan out their day and week.

Why it is a great printable for kids?
The more the children are involved in the process, the more motivated they will be!
The icones make the schedule easier to follow and allow the pre-reader to use it.

Why you will enjoy it as a parent?
More independance from children and help to make sure you will choose the daily or weekly priority of an activity.

What do you need?
Printer, Paper.

Please note this item is to download and print only.
You will not receive a physical product.

– Scheduling
– Anticipation

You decided to homeschool or you are in a distance learning situation? It might be challenging to know what to do with our children during their school learning time. You can download and use the Fly Little Dragon school work organizer with your children to plan out their day and week.

• Decide if there are some subjects you want your children to work on everyday, such as reading independently or physical activity. Plan for them to happen every day around the same time, consistency will facilitate transitions and engagement.
• Children are better able to focus early in the day, so start with the most challenging subjects in the morning
• Include assignments from their schools if they have one.
• Let your children pick some of the activities (some subjects may not be explored every day, like science or arts).
• When your child is excited or passionate about a topic, let them dive deep into it using several support (books, movies, internet, etc.). You can work the whole week about a specific subject (e.g., animals, nature, space, etc.) How can they present what they learn to others? It could be an essay, a song, a picture… The possibilities are endless!
• Don’t forget to include breaks. Go get some fresh air at least once a day (keep in mind it has to be in accordance to your county’s rules). Go for a walk, hang out in the garden, splash in the puddles, do your physical activities, if weather permit, just do one of your work activity outside!