Nighttime Routine – Printable


What is it?
It is a Routine Chart for Night-time / bedtime routine.

Why it is a great printable for children?
This chart is fun and engaging!

Why you will enjoy it as a parent? 

It will help your child to be more independant during the Night-time / Bedtime routine!


What you need:
Printer, Paper (preferably cardboard), scissors, “Blu-Tack” reusable adhesive OR magnet

Please note this item is a digital file for you to download and print.
You will not receive a hard copy.

– Autonomy

"Did your brush your teeth?

Did you go to the bathroom already?

Whaaat? How come you still haven't brushed your teeth???". Night time routine gets soooo challenging some nights (every night?)

Everyone is tired at the end of the day. And I was growing especially tired of saying the same things over and over.. until I did a quick night-time routine chart on a sheet of paper. Now the only question we ask is "What do you still have to do to be ready for bed?". Well, kinda, almost! But it has gotten a lot better with the chart, so here it is for you, enjoy!

Mathilde Cerioli, Positive Discipline Educator and co-founder at Fly Little Dragon