Positive Parenting & Neuroscience: Practical Tools for Easier Parenting



What will this program help me with?
  • Get your child to listen without raising your voice
  • Set you and your family up for success
  • Set clear limits, to be clear and to follow through with your family rules
  • Gain more consistency in your parenting
  • Teach new skills to your children so they become more independent
What is included?
  • 1 Videos on the Neuroscience of Positive Discipline
  • 4 Videos with 12 practical tools to make your parenting easier
  • 1 Video Q&A from parents to help deal with common daily struggles
  • Digital Ebook with summaries, additional examples and exercises (28 pages).
  • Quiz
  • 2 Digital posters to give you visual reminder on what you learned
  • BONUS Cheat sheets to help you deal with common parenting struggles
  • Unlimited access to the videos and workbooks.
Whom is this package for? 

For parents and caregivers who want to enjoy more their parenting journey and are whiling to learn brain-based, connection building strategies and practical tools for an easier parenting.

About the Instructors

Mathilde Cerioli, Ph.D. Neuroscience & Certified Positive Discipline Educator. Co-Founder of Fly Little Dragon.
Aki Raymer, MA Early Childhood and Family Specialist & Certified Positive Discipline Educator. Founder of Parenting paths, and experts at Fly Little Dragon.

I loved watching the videos. It was very useful to me. I felt my relationship with the children improved a lot after I watched the videos. Thank you very much


Mom of 3

I love that all the educational principles covered in these videos are deeply rooted in science and yet the tools presented are very actionable and practical. I could immediately apply them and watch the magic happen with my young daughters.


Dad of 3

Mathilde and Aki educate without patronizing, and teach without preaching. They are clearly experts in their field, and they deliver these incredibly valuable lessons and tools in a way that feels like they are speaking to ME, with really relatable examples and anecdotes from their own parenting experience.