Panel for Working Moms


Panel for Working Moms

What is it?

  • 2 hours video with 7 Fly Little Dragon Experts
    • Part 1. Feeling better: managing mental and physical health
    • Part 2. Getting work done: juggling family and work responsibilities
    • Part 3. Getting things done: setting your family up for success
  • Ebook (24 pages)
  • Unlimited access to the videos and workbooks.


Whom is this package for? 

For working and busy moms, who want to get actionable advice to get things done!

About the Instructor

  • Dr Maria Jose Perry, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Mathilde Cerioli, Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Shannon Shearn, Health & Fitness Specialist
  • Elaine Chung, Play & Personality Expert
  • Erika Friday, System Specialist
  • Aki Raymer, Positive Parenting Coach
  • Amanda Ahyer, Positive Discipline & Montessori Specialist

Thanks again for hosting the amazing panel!!

I learned a ton and have been making changes to my behavior daily since.

Anastasia McVicker

I’ve been to so many panels related to parenting and particularly parenting in a pandemic. This one was, by far, the best and most useful one I’ve attended.

I loved the practical tips and advice, as well as the tangible ebook that I could (and do!) refer to later. Thank you!

Amy Bacharach

I truly enjoyed the panel for working moms. The pace and tone were extremely well thought. 
It wasn’t just another panel of professional people, they were experts with high caliber backgrounds. And yet, they were warm, fun and approachable.
Claire Saccoccini

As a former preschool teacher and current mother of 2, I was reenergized by the amazing women who made up the panel. They brought such positivity, hope, and real strategies to help us navigate parenting in a pandemic.

In the 2 hour presentation there was not a minute wasted and every bit of advice could applied to most, if not all households. I would highly recommend any parent to watch the recording and add Fly Little Dragon to my resource list!

Brianne Huang

I really enjoyed your recent panel. It was full of valuable information with actual tips and techniques that were specific enough that I could actually take action.

I really appreciated it having so many great tips instead of fluff. You all are amazing.

Crystal Teegarden