Sight Words Workbook- Printable – 5+


Experts have shown daily reading is a highly effective way to learn.
How can we help our early readers? By working on sight words through engaging and fun activities. Knowing sight words helps children read more proficiently and promotes reading.

What is it?
– 220 flash cards of sight words
– 8 Have-Fun-Learning Activity Cards
– 17 pages of Coloring, Bingo, Memory and Word Search Games.
– 2 pages of Information for Parents
(59 pages)

Why it is a great printable for children?
Children will love to play and have fun while learning. Some activities necessitate movement which will help children in their learning.

Why you will enjoy it as a parent or as a teacher?
You will receive the full list Dolch of Sight words organized by difficulty level. You will learn from a PhD in Neuroscience how we learn to read and why sights words is a great exercice to improve children reading skills. You will receive many ideas to practice the sight words with your child through different activities.

What do you need?
Printer, Paper (preferably cardboard for flashcards), scissors, color pencils.

Please note this item is a digital file for you to download and print.
You will not receive a hard copy.

– Reading
– Visual perception