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Concept of time in children

Infants and Toddlers (0-2): Time is perceived mostly through repetition of actions and routines Pre-schoolers (3-4): Progressively understand the time concepts of “before” and “after” Kindergarteners (5-6): Begin to understand that some events occur weekly, monthly...

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3 Common Mistakes Parents Make As parents, we all do our best, yet we fall for the same traps over and over again! Here are three the most common mistakes we see in our practice.   Not Being Consistent It is hard to be consistent as a parent. One day we’re saying...

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Positive Parenting & Neuroscience: Practical Tools for Easier Parenting Meet our experts in this FREE Video and learn about a simple tool you can use to improve your communication with your children TODAY. This one's on us!Download the Free Printable[gravityform...

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