Erika Friday

Founder of Ready Set Moms


Mom-life organizer

I help moms work with what they have to build the life they want. We get clear on how you tick and what’s important to you. Together we come up with a plan that you can implement easily to find more time, peace, and ease.
As moms, we spend so much time IN it that it’s hard to see an easier way THROUGH it. Like a consultant crossed with a loving sister, I bring a perspective that allows me to see where you’re stuck and how things could be simplified. My empathetic and non-judgy ear makes you feel understood while my actionable insights make you feel empowered.



  • Mindset work to release struggle
  • Structuring time to find fulfillment
  • Context-switching to find your self amid your many roles
  • Sounding board to help you organize your thoughts
  • Accountability coach to help you implement actions and make progress toward your goal

Personal Consultation


  • Parents who feel overwhelmed, stuck, or lost
  • Parents who have a hard time finding time for themselves
  • Stay-at-home parents, working parents, and work-from-home parents
  • Solo entrepreneurs and others with unconventional schedules 
  • High-achievers who are surprised to find mom-life so challenging
  • Businesses whose employees happen to be parents that fit any of the above descriptions 


Packages include:

  • FREE 15-minute consultation: Let’s figure out what you need and if my approach and style are a fit. 
  • Time Finder Framework: Experience the transformation of literally putting yourself first in this single 1:1 coaching session. 
  • Interactive workshops for businesses

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Online Programs

PARTY Planner – Weekend self-care guide  ! Freebie !

At its simplest, PARTY Weekend is a scheduling tool.

In practice it’s a way to make sure all your needs are getting met. It helps you communicate with your family members. It reminds you all the things that bring you joy and fulfillment, and helps you do them. It teaches you how to be aware and alive in the moment.

Unstuckifier – mini course

At its simplest, the Unstuckifier is a customizable activity menu, for moms.

In practice it’s a way to circumvent feelings of overwhelm, stress, and agitation. It lets you do some thinking in advance, when you’re feeling clear headed, so in the moment you can easily take actions that will serve your greatest good.



Panel For Working Moms

In this panel, Erika talks about how to block frustration and find accomplishment with a simple approach.

Click through to see all the topics covered in this wide-ranging panel dedicated to helping working moms thrive.

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