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Read the menu and make your selection in the drop-down menu. Have a questions?  Then the Free 15-minute chemistry call is a great place to start!

  • FREE 15-minute consultation : Let’s figure out what you need and if my approach and style are a fit. Calls last 15 minutes and are completely free and no pressure.
    Price: Free




  • Time Finder Framework: Experience the transformation of literally pushing yourself first. In this single 75-minute 1:1 working session, I’ll show you how. Includes intake quiz, report with time-blocking schedule, and actionable tactics.
Price: $475. Follow-up sessions available.
  • Engaging, interactive, remote workshops on topics that meet the specific needs of your organization and the working parents who keep things running. Based on pre-work with your employees and HR or organization leadership, Erika will select topics and refine content from this list:
– Blocking frustration and finding accomplishment with a simple approach
– Defining sustainable self-care and make time for it
– Work-life balance, integration, and boundaries
– Your own family values workshops
– Rhythms and routines
Price: starting at $1750, includes consultation with HR/leadership, pre-work with employees, 4-hour interactive workshop, and deliverable reports.
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FREE 15 min call, $475 / Time Finder Framework, $1750 / Workshop for Businesses