Christmas Coupon’s Book


What is it?
This cute printable is a perfect homemade present for a parent from a Child or for a friend!
It contains:
– 2 pages “You and me” which contains questions to ask kids about their loved one.
– Coupons to give the kids ideas to have quality time… (5 min massage, 30 min of quiet, help to fold the laundry included). You can also personalize them!

Why it is a great printable for kids?
Kids love giving present and they will share quality time with a parent!

Why you will enjoy it as a parent?
Super fast to have a great present ready!
The “You and me” will give a memory the person will cherish and keep through the years.

What do you need?
Printer, Paper (preferably cardboard), scissors, stapler (optional)

Please note this item is to download and print only.
You will not receive a physical product.

– Creativity
– Writting skills (if the child doesn’t know how to write, another adult can take notes for the You and me interview)