Ready in 5′ – Printable


What is it?
It is a visual tool to help children get ready!

Why it is a great printable for children?
This chart is fun and engaging!

Why you will enjoy it as a parent? 

It will help your child to be more independent and gain a sense of responsibility when the time comes to get out the door


What you need:
Printer, Paper (preferably cardboard)

Please note this item is a digital file for you to download and print.
You will not receive a hard copy.

– Autonomy
– Executive Functionning

Whether we’re heading to school, the park, or running a quick errand , the dreaded “Kids, we’re leaving in 5 minutes!”, more often than not, brings up a lot of frustration to the whole family!

So what if, instead of you assuming all the mental load for everyone, each child became responsible for remembering to take their own things?
This poster is a great way to teach autonomy and responsibility.

Mathilde Cerioli, Positive Discipline Educator and co-founder at Fly Little Dragon