Positive Parenting & Neuroscience:

Practical Tools for Easier Parenting 

Do you want to:

  • Stop yelling?
  • Create clear limits AND follow through with them?
  • Stop feeling frustrated at your children?

Are your children:

  • Not listening to you?
  • Not helping out?
  • Acting out?
  • Pushing your buttons?

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Learn about simple steps you can take in your everyday life to make parenting easier through concrete tools that apply in your daily life.


If you want your parenting journey to feel like a peaceful path,

rather than an uphill battle, this Online Series is for you 


Your experts are experts in their fields (neurosciences and early childhood) who have helped countless families. Now you can learn their easy to implement and practical tools at home.


What you will get in this Online Series


1 Video on the Neuroscience of Positive Discipline

4 Videos with 12 practical tools to make your parenting easie

1 Video Q&A from parents to help deal with common daily struggles

Digital workbook with summaries, additional examples and exercises (28 pages).

2 Digital posters to give you visual reminder on what you learned

BONUS Cheat sheets to help you deal with common parenting struggles

Meet our experts in this FREE Video and learn about a simple tool you can use to improve your communication with your children TODAY. This one’s on us!

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See what parents have to say.

The videos provided accessible and actionable tools to strengthen my parenting and my relationship with my little ones. The bonus is the techniques are manageable and immediately improved our daily routines, and bring stress levels down for the entire household.

Ines Barbosa

I love that all the educational principles covered in these videos are deeply rooted in science and yet the tools presented are very actionable and practical. I could immediately apply them and watch the magic happen with my young daughters.  


Very informative videos with pause to think at our own struggle and find what can fit for us. We finally know why positive parenting is really needed thanks to the scientific explanations of Mathilde !

Sarah Barousse

I loved watching the videos. It was very useful to me. I felt my relationship with the children improved a lot after I watched the videos. Thank you very much

Olga Laurenty

Mathilde and Aki educate without patronizing, and teach without preaching. They are clearly experts in their field, and they deliver these incredibly valuable lessons and tools in a way that feels like they are speaking to ME, with really relatable examples and anecdotes from their own parenting experience.

Jamie Johnson